I use to play on Nasomi but went to another private server 75 Era. Nasomi is way too restrictive when it comes to windower plugin and addons. SE isn't scanning for addons so they can ban PC players using Windower while fucking Nasomi does. These addons don't hurt anybody while botting and speedhacking does, it helps the player for a more enjoyable experience. Many of these addons are quality of life and were also used by the majority of PC players back in 2005-2009 which was the peak of 75 era. It makes no sense to restrict these addons. SpellCast was a big thing back in 2005~2009 in the FFXI community, yet its banned on Nasomi.
>Gearswap/Spellcast isn't allowed on Nasomi
>Everyone uses fucking Gearswap on retail and official servers don't give a fuck
>Nasomi enforcing their rules more closely than SE does themselves.
>No timers
>No Autoexec
>No battlemod
>No Send
>No Config (60 FPS FFXI is so good)
Makes you wonder if the admin is trying to give the player a worse experience then 2004-2009?
I started originally on Nasomi in 2015, but I found out quickly with these restrictions Nasomi is not the server for me. Because I am a person that enjoys using FFXI Windower addons as they enhance my gaming experience. Simply because stock FFXI doesn't layout enough game information so addons have to help you out. Also SpellCast/GearSwap is huge a huge quality of life you have to be literally retarded at coding not wanting to use it.
My friend recommended me and started on there since April 2015. I still play on it for about 2 years now. Era does have increased exp ratings though. However, the endgame content like nation, ZM, CoP missions are still challenging and there are no free handouts for gear. The increased exp rating just means capping out merits is going to be much faster then originally as well as leveling jobs to 75. This might be better or worse depending what person you are. Some people can't play as much as back in 2005-2009 so for those people it might be better if character leveling is faster. If you do want to give yourself a challenge and a true 1:1 experience there is mentor mode which can be activated only at level 1 when you start which puts your exp to 1:1.
Doing endgame on Era has been really great. I'm in an endgame LS and i've done all the content that's available. Content i've done on Era: 
>Sky gods + Kirin
>All sea Jailers including Jailer of Love
>Omega/Ultima for Homam/Nashira
>Dynamis Lord
>Dyn-tav farming
>ZNM including Pandemonium Warden,
>All wyrms Jormugand Tiamat
>Zandworm/Dark Ixion
>All three HNM Kings; Fafhogg, Aspid, Behe
Pretty good community overall. There's several endgame LSes to choose from. I believe theres 5-6 endgame LSes on Era.
Era seems to have more players then Kupo atm making it easier to find people for exp. I'd say Era is better for endgame, maybe Kupo is better if you care about the leveling experience only. Nation missions, CoP and Zm would be the same.


Admin | August 10, 2016

And my build is finished

I've had an amazing run this league around.

Highlights this league
- Getting Shavs
- 2x Carcass jacks
- 2x Lionoar granite flasks 

Also some suberb corruptions/enchants:

Admin | June 23, 2016

Finally done!

Finally finished my i70 weapon, the weapon arena wasn't too bad and kept me motivated, There's still 5 days to enjoy the weapon tuntill 2.0 comes out~

dat attack


Also after about 30 Kushala Daora I finally got my ruby drop.

Still waiting on my Ice [3] gem recipe, having bad luck on it.

Admin | June 20, 2016

Arena event in MHO

Arena event is pretty interesting, just before 2.0 gets released there's an event that the dedicated players can get their i70 weapon. After 2.0 it's only obtainable when you reach level 50 and do the upgrades in steps from 65 to 66-67-68-69-70 where as right now you can upgrade from i65 to i70.

Items required running the arenas, yeah you need A LOT resources to get far enough in the arena event. If you time out too early you get low amount to no whie pages.

Admin | June 19, 2016

Finishing my GS set

Going from Weakness Exploit to Challenger +2 is a pretty big deal, finally being able to finish my Greatsword set with 2 weeks before 2.0. Even with 2.0 it's probably gonna be still relevant and semi-BiS. Just need to finish the Budoukai arena event for my i70 weapon, which most allplayers in my guild have given up on.


Admin | May 27, 2016

Skywatcher Dobson 200P

Admin | October 25, 2015

Sennheiser HD600 review

About the headphones
The legendary HD600 have a very long product cycle for a reason of being so good. It has been in production for about 20 years now being first released back in 1986. It’s unbelievable that a product has been in production for such a long time. Back in the 80s a lot headphones were bass shy and very bright sounding so Sennheiser released the HD600 which aimed to sounding warmer with a better bass response than people were used to.
These are high fidelity audiophile open headphones that means they are going to leak sound so they are unsuitable for public areas such as the library, train/subways, or the office. Because they are open headphones people are going to clearly hear what you’re listening and they can get pretty loud. The HD600/650 are 300 Ohm headphones that means they are high impedance headphones so you can’t just plug them into an iPod touch or phone and hope for the best listening experience. You want a decent headphone amplifier and ideally combined with a DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter). That’s the thing with these headphones they sound so good, but they require an amp, that might increase your budget if you have no amp.
Build quality & comfort
Sennheiser’s slogan is “The pursuit of perfect sound” I will tell you with the HD600 it’s not “the pursuit of perfect build quality”. The HD600 has a lot plastic components, while it’s decent plastic I would have liked to see some more metal construction given his price point. It’s no secret that most of their budget went into research to pursuit the perfect sound, but come on. The grill is made of metal, the earpads are made of very nice soft velour and the headband has some nice soft foam. Reports have said that the headband is able to snap because it’s made of hard plastic, but as long as you don’t use a lot of force on it I don’t see it happening.
The velour earpads are very soft and the headphones are very comfortable I can listen to them for hours without showing any sign of fatigue. I have very sensitive ears so wearing some headphones I have to move the headphones around or ears become sweaty, but I don’t have this issue with the HD600.
Sound quality
The HD600 and 650 are similar in a way, they have a similar sound signature and yet can differ from each other. Compared to its brother the HD650 sound even warmer than the HD600. The soundstage is wider and they have a better base response than the HD600, also the bass sounds thicker than the HD600.
I’ve been listening to some songs for years and listening to the same song on the HD600 I hear detail I’ve never heard before!
These are really amazing sounding headphones for the pricepoint. The HD600 sound very neutral and detailed, smooth and slightly warm with great instrument separation. The bass precise and pristine, it’s not thin at all although the bass is slightly rolled off and a bit weaker than the HD650. The treble is clear and pristine it’s not bright at all and are more highlighted than the HD650, and it’s not rolled off. The mids are very good, probably one of the best in its price range, the mids are bright where it needs to be and not recessed like with some other headphones and it’s not too in your face either. The soundstage is good, but the HD650 has a slightly wider soundstage. These are really amazing high fidelity headphones they don’t sound grainy at all.
This is more of a review on the HD600, but since these are also a pair of headphones in my collection I’ll briefly describe my thoughts. First of all the Momentum are very fun and warm sounding headphones. They’re closed headphones that can isolate sound so they won’t sound as open as the HD600 nor will have such a nice wide soundstage. The bass is more extended on the Momentums, but the HD600 is superior in every way in terms of fidelity. But the Momentums are still very great sounding headphones for on the go use. They are only 18 Ohm headphones so they have a very low impedance making them very easy to drive with any device at all. Momentums are still very nice sounding, but you can’t compare an open and closed headphones they sound too different.
Overall I think the HD600 is a better buy, but if you care more about bass the HD650 might be a better fit. If you care more about headphones being more neutral, greater detail, instrument separation and want to listen to a song how it was recorded the HD600 are a better choice.
Sound quality - 95/100
Build Quality - 80/100
Comfort - 85/100
Final score - 91/100

Admin | September 14, 2015

Thank you RNGjesus

Nearly perfect amulet that I want on a Life based caster build. It only takes one chance and one regal to create a 10+ exalted amulet... Since that day no matter how many alteration I spamga I don't even come close to a simular result, not even one T1 mod. 

Admin | March 26, 2015


Admin | February 27, 2015

Why the MMO market is dead.

These days there's not alot of variety in MMOs, combat are very simular to eachother. WoW wasn't the first with the actionbar combat system, but it was the first MMO I played involving an actionbar combat and when it was new I thought it was ok. Nowadays nearly every MMO has a combat system the most popular ones such as SWOTR, WoW, FFXIV all use the same base combat which is plain, stagnant and boring.

The problem is no one dares to take a risk in the MMO market, they think we can just milk out this market of bringing out a generic game on the market that looks just like every other MMO that's out. You could call them WoW clones or copies, although WoW wasn't the first one that invented the actionbar-auto-attack combat. MMOs are very simplistic if you think about it usually 1 to 4 and sometimes some additional buttons if the class you're playing has procs and whatnot. Boss fights are usually straight forward, I have to admit they do take strategy and teamwork, but I think it's time to take things more to the next level than the average boss with voidzones.

What is my ideal MMO you ask? We need a MMO with actual engaging combat where you actually are responisble avoiding attacks by rolling away instead of running outside a glowing red/purple voidzone. YOU controll your character's attacks, no more 1-4 buttons spam but actual attacks. There should be engaging envirement where you can climb on stuff, in many MMOs you can't even get over a rock because you can't climb this really kills the immersion for me. You can jump off cliffs and perform plunging attacks on bosses for extra damage what not, and other crazy stuff. We really need out-of-the-box MMO that really shows you what freedom and engaging MMO really is about!


Well that's it for my ranting.

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