Admin | February 13, 2015

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

My impressions of the Z3TC.



Thin and premium build 

Fast CPU clocking atm2.5ghz

Good battery life

PS4 remote play and DS4 pairing without rooting.





Screen white balance is off

IPS display is inferior to its 8 inch competor Tab S 8.4

Admin | February 07, 2015

Why MP3 store downloads are a ripoff.

These days displays are getting alot of attention, people do not settle anymore for 720p they want HD, QHD (2k) or even UHD(4k). Pixel density is more demanding the past years on tablets, phones and displays and such. 720p has become the borderline of being unacceptable quality. If that's unacceptable, why accept it in audio?
These days MP3s are very convenient and supported by many devices such as Apple devices, audio cars and so on. However no matter how high the bit rate of an MP3 file, it's still a lossy format, meaning some of the sound quality is lost during the conversion from a CD. 
Then there's FLAC (Free Loseless Audio Codec) which a lossless audio codec that doesn't lose any sound quality during its conversion, but is much bigger in size than MP3 files. FLAC files usually vary between anything from 20-40 but some can range up to 80MB per file.  It is also not as widely supported in devices as compared to MP3s, but there are many more of them than just a few years ago. If sound quality is your highest priority, then converting CDs to a lossless codec like FLAC might be worth considering.
Online stores sell "digital" albums for the same price as a CD in a physical store. Except most stores sell them as MP3 which is a lossy format as discussed above. So essentially you're buying an item that is weaker quality compared if you were buying the physical CD in a store. More online stores start to offer FLAC, but it's still quite limited. I have an high end headphone, so getting the best quality is always my priority. It is noticeable when songs are peaking at high or low frequency and it's a MP3 file. There's a slight distortion/creeking in the song which is not the case with FLAC when listening to the same song. For example one of the bigger music stores, iTunes does only offer MP3, but what's confusing is that they don't even offer AAC (Apple's Loseless Codec). iTunes doesn't support FLAC, but Apple has made their own format, but you don't see this back in their store which is confusing.
I have high end headphones and quality is definitly my prioirty, if it's possible to get a song as FLAC or MP3 I'd pick the best quality. So, I would never buy anything from an iTunes store, because I wouldn't settle for inferior audio quality.
And with that ends my rant.

Admin | January 30, 2015

My demand list for a compact tablet

Yes, it's that time of the year and considering a new tablet, but you also don't want to settle for a subpar product so you're setting some demands. For me I've used ten inch tablets but I really have been prefering the 7-8 inch range tablets with 8 inch being the max, for eBook reading and general reading. The beauty about 7-8 inch tablets that they can be used in portrait mode and have about the same size as an average book. In portrait mode you have alot more room since it's a 16:9 resolution mostly. You can hold it with two hands while chatting with two thumbs. 

At some point I plan on buying a new tablet, I have a nexus 7 (2013), while I still like this tablet a lot there's some shortcomings like outdated 2 year old hardware, battery feels a bit on the low side since nowadays 8 inch tablets have 4-5k mAh batteries.

Anyways, here's the demand list

  • Front facing speakers
  • Atleast 1920x1200 or 2560x1440
  • IPS or amoled display
  • 7 to 8 inch with 8 inch being the Max
  • Snapdragon 801 (2.5GHz) chipset or better
  • At least 3GB ram
  • Good build quality
  • Waterproof is a plus
  • Android, OS of choice
  • Stock Android is a plus
  • Or a popular manufacturer so CyaNoGen will most likely be available
  • 4.5k mAh battery or better
  • HDMI mini port is a huge plus

All I can think of right now.

Admin | January 29, 2015

Hatsan MOD 90

My newest purchase, the Hatsan MOD 90. I quite powerful spring operated break-barrel rifle. The guns recoil is quite nice, being used to co2, and one side springer the Baikal MP61 this one shoots very different that takes abit of practice to get use to.  Also bought a suitcase for my air rifle, this is useful when traveling too as well good way of storing guns..

The Hatsan Striker 1000s caught my eye first, but the shop I visited recommended me the Hatsan MOD 90 for 7 euro more it has a better triger which is a quantum trigger. Accuracy wise is pretty good, I was getting fine accuracy shots at 20yd. I got this gun in .22 calibur, .177 calibur goes way to hard to the point the pellet becomes unstable. I got about averagely 799-800 fps in .22 with dome and flatheads.



Admin | January 08, 2015

Red dot sight + Multishot magazine

Some upgrades for my rifle, first off due the size of the magazine it clock blocks my iron sight so I ordered a red dot sight for close ranged shooting, for long ranged shooting I can still use my Nikko scope :)

My rifle is currently a single shot bolt action, but I fixed that by getting a mod for my rifle. Multishot magazine, holding 10 shots, pretty happy with it. Maybe I'll paint it black it looks abit ugly. Or maybe get a red dot scope 1/2-2x zoom that goes over the magazine, we'll see!

Admin | December 29, 2014

Nikko Stirling 4-12x50 AO

My new scope for my rifle!

A comparison with my previous shitty scope

Admin | December 16, 2014

Narconia QB78 co2 Rifle

My lasted air rifle purchase the Industry Brand QB78 imported by Narconia. I am quite pleased with this air rifle, it's pretty accurate and suprisingly well built for its price point. The handle is fully wood and the rest is steel, the plastic used is very minimal. The trigger and cocking handle is made from Brass.

Abit of history on this rifle, it's actually an inspired imitation of the Crossman 160/167 (which is no longer in production) and the was demand for the Crosman 160 so this Chinese brand took it upon theirself of making a rifle that basically is an imitation of the Crosman 160.

This gun goes for  roughly 100-110 euro, and most guns at that price point are made out of plastic. I dislike plastic build guns myself although there are some pretty good airguns that are plastic like the Baikal IZH MP-61. But this gun feels really nice in the hand and weights about 2.5kg so makes you feel abit like you're holding a real rifle.

Admin | December 13, 2014

DIY pellet trap board

Do it yourself. Making a pellet trap powered by a reinforced board to catch the pellet. Surely not an overkill at all.

The plate itself covers 7 hardboard plates on a thin steel markboard.

Once mounted on eachother it's time to hang it on the wall!

several layers of cardboard before this fine piece of reinforced pellet board. Tested it first on my Crosman 1377 with a velocity at 600 fps and doesn't go through the first layer of the hardboard plate.


Reinforced pellet board success!

Admin | September 15, 2014

I beat FFXIV

I beat FFXIV, fuck you too Novus. Finally it's over.


Admin | September 02, 2014

My Final Fantasy XIV review

My review about FFXIV. It has everything you pretty much want, the graphics are of the highest detail in any MMO and very deep gameplay, but before going in-depth on my review I first need to make a comparison.


FFXIV is compareable like milk. Get some milk from the store and think

"this is some good ass milk"













two weeks later you drink the same milk and you're like

"Wait a minute, THIS MILK SUCKS BALLS"



























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