Admin | April 02, 2011


I decided getting a 3DS after all, I actually bought it from a friend from friend for much cheaper than the current lowest price on the market, and it was only two weeks old. So I thought it was a good deal.

I hold more power in one hand than you may think.

Unfortunately my T4 card doesn’t work on the 3DS so I had to buy a new one. This was really a huge pain to get to work I never had M3 before and never will buy one again. Also the card is probably either fake or really low quality plastic the bottom tip is abit shady and loose.

And lastly I also bought a cheap case for my 3DS so it doesn’t get scratched to badly as my normal DS which I btw sold for 60 euro to a class mate. This case was only 10 euro so thought it was pretty cheap, I was going for the cheapest price afterall.

Admin | March 26, 2011


Some people I know have fridges in their room, but I don’t especially in the summer it’s nice having one. I happen to spot a low-priced mini-bar fridge at the walmart. So thought it would be good to buy it. Here is a pic of it.

I hope it survives the summer after globally reading the manual it says the temperature of the fridge is affective by the curren room temperature.

Eitherway its good to have a fridge!

Admin | March 16, 2011

WoW update #20: Yeah, full epic.

So yeah Relax raiding is going well. We’re 11/12 and I’m full epic we need to progress more often in Heroics though.


I haven’t done a heroic random forever so for fun I just went in and see how much DPS I could do and pull aggro from the tank :D

After years of playing on US server being EU myself I decided to reroll on EU servers, because I am sick of being limited on US servers not to mention the high latency on US servers.

I am not really starting from scratch, because my friend use to give me his account a very long time ago (lv80 Warrior), but ot has barely any achievments. Its hard to leave my toon with 7k achievments behind, but its all for the best. I will be playing on Tarren Mill PvP Horde. Tbh I always have been playing Ally and I finally want to play Horde for once now.

Admin | January 31, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII Versus

Haven’t updated much lately, I might make an update tomorrow on WoW related things. If not on tuesday when servers are down.
Anyway, point of this update I’m really stoked on Final Fantasy XIII Versus, the new HD trailer of 2011 makes me really look forward to the game. In theory this game meets all aspects that would come close worthy of FF7, 8 and 10 those were the 3 best Final Fantasy games in my opinion. After FFXI most FF games released by Square have been disappointing while still being decent the quality of FF games has drifted away. Now seeing all the footage of FFXIII Versus and also OST this is going to be one of the most epic FF games ever made in my opinion.

Heh, just so excited about this FF, and they probably won’t release it till 2012. Hope all this waiting is worthed!

I also stopped playing FFXI, after playing for a month I kinda lost interest. Game is not as it use to be. Abyssea gets boring quickly, and capping off merits is easy. Furthermore the players playing FFXI has drasticly decrease as known FFXI is a dying game, it’s a 7 year old game after all. It’s a good game unfortunately not very populated these days. What’s even more unfortunate is how bad Final Fantasy XIV is as I said above most games after FFXI have drifted away. Handheld games don’t count games like Crisis core and Kingdomhearts for PSP/NDS were good. Just a mere disappointment in Square’s work everyone can see that Square-enix does an excellent job with graphics and has proven that they can making a very moving/twisting plot in games. Just very unfortunate that Final Fantasy XIV could have been the new life of FFXI which is dying. But it seems no game can come close to WoW. Even games people were very excited about like Aion, people have lost interest in. Some people are easier to please with graphics than the other.

I want to play more RPGs of this modern time. Sure is nice playing RPGs in HD, but not at the cost of the rest of the game being bad. I have been playing Eternal Sonata for the PS3 I like it so far. It’s a RPG by Namco Bandai the same developer’s from the Tales series. Pretty nice game with a twisting plot. Definitly a good RPG what I would like to see back in FF as well.

Admin | December 16, 2010

WoW update #18: Yay, warrior 85!

Yeah, I’m back in WoW.

I hold more power in my hand than you may think.

Admin | December 06, 2010


Have been doing some exping, and also some CoP.

Got my Soboro Sukehiro makes those skill ups on my SAM easier w/ the level syncing and all!

1/1 on Swift belt which makes me 2/2 on both CoP drops for the second time ;D

Rank 6 is indeed good.

Two random screenshots after buying Abysea.

Admin | December 01, 2010

SAM up to 51.

A nice investment for many jobs, not just SAM!

INtro from WoTG is kinda cool

Admin | November 24, 2010

The image speaks for itself.

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