Admin | March 25, 2010


Finally it’s here my iPhone. I was suprised how small the box was when I received it.

The iPhone is so thin compared to my other phones and I’ve never been so impressed about a phone but man this is really the best phone i’ve ever had in my hands it’s good in every aspect.

It’s impressive how fast this phone is compared to my previous phones no sign of lag in any form at all or hanging. My other phone sometime pissed me off how the entire screen has to load or build up let’s say you want to dial a number and have to wait 30-40 seconds that’s just really annoying. I first wanted to get the HTC HD2, but decided not to since it’s a Windows phone and just love the Apple design and always already wanted an iPhone.

Left iPhone obviously.
Middle my oldest phone of the 3 I used pretty decent phone, it’s a clamshell but the windows on it is outdated MSN doesn’t run because of the old software.
Right, HTC. My last used phone before stepping to the iPhone. When too many programs are active the thing is a train wreck its slow as hell this seems the main issue with all the windows phones. I’m not sure if this issue persists with the new HTC phones such as the HD2.

Anyway, happy with my phone that’s about it for now!

Admin | March 16, 2010


Burned my left hands, cant play piano. Wrapped bandages tightly around my hand even playing games sucks right now :(

Admin | January 28, 2010

WoW update #11: Warrior 80 atlast!

Been doing some crazy leveling and finally hit 80 today. Gotta do some heroic spamming so I can gear up my Warrior. Gimp right now;; which hruts my pride as a DPS! I got a few epics from reg ToC this. When I get back from class I’ll do some more heroics I need to get up my gear score so I can do H ToC for a better weapon stuck with a Heirloom wepaon right now >_>

So, apparently my former guild Night Gallery is breaking up for some unknown reason my GM mailed everyone in the guild NG is breaking and so says the guild message, very vague, on the 18th everyone would be kicked and it would be only a personal guild for a small group or some shit. Anyway, I took some expensive gems a stack of 20 Golden Dreanei they sell for 100g each, a scroll about 3k gold value of items from guild bank and left and made a guild with Cerg and we invited the better players of NG to join.

Also on the side note my Enchanting finally reached its cap of 450. Gotta love free skillups needed my last two levels a guy shouted he needed something made which gave me two skillups, and reached 450!

Admin | January 13, 2010

WoW update #9: Jewelcrafting

So, I decided to ditch lolMining and level Jewelcrafting, because JC is just too profitable and +34 STR gems are nice. I was going to save up for my Hilt, but just making with enchanting is too slow I need another source of income which would be JC.

Process is going pretty well if I say so myself I’ve dumped about 3.5k gold into JC to get to 427, power-leveling ofcourse.

Only 23 more levels to go. From 425-450 is actually profit so spending 3.5k gold for capped JC isn’t too bad and considering it’s one of the most profitable professions in WoW. Just sucks I have to wait 6 days now in order to get my last 23 levels, because I have to daily quests for Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Tokens and the next recipe I need to skill up costs 5 tokens you get only one token a day. So yeah that’s 6 days away, because I also need another Dragon’s Eye which costs 1 token as well.

Compared to regular +20 STR gems these are quite nice to have which are JC exclusive only!

I’ve also made 1k gold from JC so far, so no complaints here!

Admin | January 11, 2010

WoW update #8: WoW stuff.

After excessive 10 days of doing H FoS runs the trinket finally drops for me.

Been running some more Heroics for Heirloom stuff to power level my fury warrior to 80 gogo 20% EXP bonus from Heirloom items and 2x Bloodied Arcanite Reapers!

Having Heirloom gear and outdpsing everyone is funfun :D

Admin | January 07, 2010

WoW update #7: Yesssss!

After trying to get this Axe for the entire week it finally dropped for me. 26% droprate my ass. Anyways happy I finally got it the nice thing is I got 2 epics in 1 run!

Admin | December 22, 2009

ATI 5850!

So my order arrived at the store so I picked up my 5850. But the weather was bad and cold as fuck and had to look for an 45 min before finding the shop. It’s impossible to look for something propperly in this snow. Especially its not really a shop, but a pickup point so wouldn’t have guessed it’s in a small ally.

Spec readings:

Unfortunately, I’m sick as fuck right now right now and don’t even feeling like playing on my PC and try out my new card. I made the mistake going outside just when I took a shower w/ my hair being wet (must be the reason why I have a fucking headache). The weather here isn’t exactly warm w/ the snow and freezing. When I feel better I’m gonna do some benchmarking and overclocking probably.

Admin | December 21, 2009

Portable iPod speakers.

I got these for my iPod today. The quality is pretty good for being portable speakers. Ofcourse they aren’t as good as my stereo speakers, but still good for portable ones moving around and it also charges my iPod. I’m always annoying I have to leave on my PC to charge my iPod from USB power supply.

Admin | December 20, 2009

Welcome back to FFXI Seph.

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