Admin | September 02, 2014

My Final Fantasy XIV review

My review about FFXIV. It has everything you pretty much want, the graphics are of the highest detail in any MMO and very deep gameplay, but before going in-depth on my review I first need to make a comparison.


FFXIV is compareable like milk. Get some milk from the store and think

"this is some good ass milk"













two weeks later you drink the same milk and you're like

"Wait a minute, THIS MILK SUCKS BALLS"




























Last boss in the DLC, this DLC has been alot of fun to play. 2 out the 3 bosses were really great design wise to fight against.

Incredible deep, and well thought boss. Very hard and challenging, this boss is a new and not a copy/paste boss, because he may look simular to Smelter Demon from Iron Keep, but it's not despite having the same moveset and whatnot this is clearly a different boss, because Smelter Demon in Iron Keep has a red flame, and this Smelter Demon is blue.



This guy is a dick, crappy kill video, but w/e.

Admin | July 18, 2014

More FFXIV updates

Upgraded my Astrum gloves since they are BiS and finally got 3 logs from the new hunting since 2.3.

Also leveled my Culnarian to 37 for Steady Hand II so my Hasty Touch is feels less random. With Steady Hand I it has a 70% success rate, but now with Steady Hand II it will have a 80% success rate feels abit more reliable.

Admin | July 15, 2014



Had to wait 3 fucking weeks, because I spent all my Soldiery on gear since I needed gear upgrades badly.

Admin | June 28, 2014

Stardust rod

Finally got my BLM to 50 and got my Stardust rod to zenith might as well since I'll be using it for awhile.

Admin | July 01, 2014

Loot day

First coil and DRG drops!

Admin | June 23, 2014

Gae Bolg Animus!



Very balanced.

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