Yes, finally after 3-day progress Heroic Madness is dead and that closes the chapter in Cataclsym. Now going farm mode and enjoy Cataclsym while it lasts :) and awaiting Mist of Pandoria Beta and live.

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Admin | March 26, 2012

WoW update #27: Attempt #248

247 wipes, attempt #248 is the lucky number.

Hi, this post is going to be basically going to be about me rambling about certain things in FFXIV. I have no idea if this is going to be helpful to anyone or be a big waste of time so bare with me.

In FFXI, I always liked the six member party size, however when it comes to endgame content you combine 2 to 3 parties and form an Alliance thus a size of eighteen people working together. However, FFXIV lacks a good party size system involving endgame encounters, as the party size remains eight and there is no option to increase the size or convert the party to an alliance or raid which is a huge setback. As a result of this, you are forced to do all endgame content with a mere number of eight players, first thing content is less challenging with just eight players, but that’s only a minor con. What shows even greater lack of good party size system is being able to force all your active players in your Linkshell into a party size of eight. This is indeed an hard task as people are forced to sit out. Which is an issue currently, as it’s not possible for everyone in your Linkshell to participate in endgame events since a party cannot hold more than eight players.

The party system size in FFXIV is an horrible flawed design, I couldn’t imagine a more horrible number than a party size of eight, I have no idea what the developers were thinking, but it’s bad. Square-Enix does live up to its reputation bringing more unfinished and horrible mechanics to FFXIV instead of fixing them.

It could be that a Linkshell should have more control over their roster, but imagining the scenario that your Linkshell consists more players than your party could fill it would leave some players frustrated.

This is just another horrible flawed mechanic brought into FFXIV that remains unfixed. Despite the fact this isn’t Square-Enix first MMO, FFXIV falls flat almost every turn, and this is no exception.

Admin | March 24, 2012

FFXIV update #7: Some parsing

Dragoon & parsing
Now about DRG, it’s a fairly enjoyable class. And in my opinion currently the strongest melee class in terms of damage. Often BLM is being favored due being ranged while this makes sense on boss encounters resistant to physical damage it also seems the case that players favor BLM on fights such as Ifrit. While people think BLM is superior to melee my parser, however says otherwise.

Here below are two parses of encounters I have participated on as DRG, as new player I believe I am fairly spot on figuring out the class myself with no info. Just being intelligent how & where to use your abilities.

First parse here, which is Ifrit. Forgot here to eat food, however there’s only a 1% difference on parse between me and the BLM.

Second parse which is on the DRG AF fight while helping a LS member.

Depending on the conditions of a fight. If the mob is not resistant to physical damage, it’s very possible to outparse BLM as DRG. This also depends on just the player and how aggressively your playstyle is. I should probably parse more for some better result, but I have gotten an idea how I can perform as DRG.

Admin | March 22, 2012

WoW update #26: Heroic Spine

#247 wipes on Heroic Spine, I can do this fight in a coma.

Guess I am leveling MNK next!

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Admin | March 18, 2012

FFXIV update #5: Ifrit dead.

After some failed attempts finally managed to pull a good group together for Ifrit.

This is by far the least buggy encounter in the history of the universe. Not a single bug could ever possibly exist, it’s a true testament to Square-Enix amazing QA team. I don’t know how their development team could design the game so poorly.

Imagine this scenario

Cracks starts showing on the ground. Player X runs immediately 20yd away. After being 20yd away crack on the ground explodes. Player X gets hit by the explosion although he is 20yd away. Player X dies.

How is this even remotely fucking possible, it must surely be the most horrible broken encounter or the designers have failed horribly in coding this game.

Admin | March 17, 2012

FFXIV update #3: DRG Artifact.

Pretty much best looking Artifact out right now :D Although I am curious how NIN and DRK would look in te future

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Admin | March 16, 2012

FFXIV update #2: Dragoon 50!

Time to finish the rest of my DRG / AF quests now :D

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