Admin | October 12, 2011

FFXI update #63: Facio

Gotten under 10 trophys on my mule I think amount of trophys I’ve gotten is 5-6, guess I must be in luck.

Indeed, of updates. On MMORPG related update I’ve been playing FFXI and heavily concentrated on Abyssea (hoho suprise!)

I managed to finish Masamune (1st stage) for my SAM, not that I play or care about SAM these days. But I picked Masamune so may as well finish it, but regret the decision, because I rather do Ukonvasara for my Warrior. After playing Warrior in WoW I couldn’t withstand the temptation to level Warrior in FFXI and think it’s an awesome job more fun than SAM in my opinion. But still like SAM abit, but I just want to play something new since I’ve been playing SAM for the past four years.


Obtained Masamune!

Obtained: Masamune.

WAR is fun fun. Random Raging Rush screenshot while camping Balaur for Ravager’s Gorget.

Over 7000!

ePeen Jin, luckily Landsoul has retired as NIN due 2 reasons…
1) Due certain person being an horrible WHM I don’t like having slow or plague on me all the time or never being hasted and having to ask everytime gets tiresome.
2) I leveled WAR to 90 ever since I have been playing warrior as DD and red proccer. And Seshiro and Alkimo (Kannagi) have been going NIN instead of me.

Thus my NIN is some sort retired! Unless I am 2-boxing with my WHM. Other thing I have been cleaving Chasm for Itzy pops for my Warrior’s Ukonvasa right now I am at [35/50] Itzy scales so only 15 more to go. One of my LS members has finished his whatever Empy he’s doing so soon I should be done with Itzy farming so I can focus on Glavoid myself for my Warrior’s Ukon, still need to do these pesky Great-Axe trials whatsoever!

I’ve made a Taru on my other account cause I prefer having a Taru mage instead of Hume. It’s not too bad, because you can sent r/e items if characters are on the same account except for Empys and AF3 set, however you can sent AF3 accessory, so it’s not too bad once I get 30 on it I can just make Fell Cleave PTs on my Warrior for my Taru mage getting 90 won’t be a problem asside of knocking down those Limit Break quests.

That’s about it for gaming related updates, see you next month!

There’s indeed some confusions or not 100% clearance which WSes SAM can cover for Blue and Red procs that is why I have created a very simple compilation of WS used as SAM. Do note for example Staff relies on your subjob’s skill, SAMs do not have staff skill by nature.

Late 2011, I have attempted to return to FFXI, due launch of Catalysm I was uninterested in FFXI. 2 main goals is atleast getting SAM to 90 and finishing CoP. We’ll see!

Admin | May 16, 2011

Piano play.

So I decided to record some videos of my piano play.

Still need to record some others, but recording is kinda time consuming so leaving that to another date.

Admin | May 07, 2011

Big sale

I’m holding a big sale of several stuff I have in my room stored, and also downstairs I have storage room which is full of random stuff from old keyboard, piano keyboards from old toys to old electronic devices to mobile phones and what not. I hope overall I can get a nice price in total for everything I am selling. I am low on money in my bank atm, last month my saving total was at 1,200 and now I am at 600 euro and purchasing bookshelf + pretty plastic doesn’t make it better. The objective of doing this is gaining some money overall I had also plans this summer on getting a part time job, only for a short while.

I might find more stuff in my house to sell right now I have about 15 open auctions I am selling right now.

Admin | April 29, 2011


I am fucking wasted since forever

Admin | April 15, 2011

Time to finish this book.

Never been able to finish Death Note LA , but probably going to start over since it’s been a year or 2 since I’ve read it.

Admin | April 04, 2011

My weekly ordering.

Every week I have to order some different kind of food due being incredeible lazy in the weekends and I don’t feel making any food.

This week I decided ordering pizza.

It’s pizza tandori chicken, if you’re wondering.

Admin | April 02, 2011


I decided getting a 3DS after all, I actually bought it from a friend from friend for much cheaper than the current lowest price on the market, and it was only two weeks old. So I thought it was a good deal.

I hold more power in one hand than you may think.

Unfortunately my T4 card doesn’t work on the 3DS so I had to buy a new one. This was really a huge pain to get to work I never had M3 before and never will buy one again. Also the card is probably either fake or really low quality plastic the bottom tip is abit shady and loose.

And lastly I also bought a cheap case for my 3DS so it doesn’t get scratched to badly as my normal DS which I btw sold for 60 euro to a class mate. This case was only 10 euro so thought it was pretty cheap, I was going for the cheapest price afterall.

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