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Oh yess more drama. This is a good entry to post on my LJ. Abit ago LS I was in was broken appart.

Hmmm, if I ask myself why? I already got the answer here leme put the answers down.
People found out that;
- Ryunoire buys gil.
- Ryu buys gil for PLing her GS.
- Ryu buys gil for sponsering her dynamis runs.
- Ryunoire screws over her mages and treat them as tools.
- Ryunoire steals gil of her owns LS, which she uses for her relic sword, Excalibur.
- Ryunoire let’s noobs in her dynamis ls which steal AF2s.
- Ryu broke the LS because she wanted to escape the LS bank.

Well… we could go on, let’s continue.

I found out about 2 months ago Ryu’s gilbuying habbits, also a reason why I never participated in events I was like never there well that’s your answer, who wants to be in a ls which leader is a RMT well not me. And for dynamis I don’t participated as well because Ryu let’s idiots sponser dynamis who are RMTs too.

Nothing said~ I hate people who rmt you people fail.


Trying… but can’t get a bot to work, YOU FAIL.

Well as for you Ryu you fail as leader, paladin and you even fail using a bot lmao.
Do yourself a favor never join a hnm or make another hnm ls because we know how it will turn out.
Being leader of any ls or HNM/SKY ls or it doesn’t matter what buying gil is sad it makes me sad inside. Everyone hates RMTs I don’t need to give you a bad name Ryu you already have 1. 50% of your LS dumped you because they know the real you now.
I’m still amazed so much people still follow you.
It has been confirmed Ryu spent $2,000 on buying gil, which is sad.
Oh, as for Zhaneel you have fucking 4 75 jobs you fucking suck on all of them, people saying oh you’re a good player man you fucking suck you’re a motherfucking gilbuyers, the whole ls hated you (expeptions for ryu) please die in a fire you suck. I always hated you Zhaneel you fucking cocksucker I hope you and Ryu die in a terrible fire.
Zhaneel you’re are truely an idiot only thing you did was showing off your gear, or hey look my bracelet is 60mil, or OOH IM SO BADASS I SOLO’D 500 EXP, you say that all day long /omgimretarded. And you only showed up on events for points or items and never to help people.

Another thing I’ll have to make a list about that too;
- When a new member is recruited, they are typically showered with items either from sky or items from Ryunoire’s GS. Even if the items should’ve been given to more loyal and active members. I’ve experienced this btw
- Shadowbane is nothing more then just people working to get her Excalibur upgrade with the promise of “free-lots” on AF2 gear.
Also true Ryu let’s ppl “Free lot” AF2 which means if you are 1 year in that dynamis shell someone that just got in it can get it over you… Ryu uses everyone much likely just to get her Excalibur.

Currently Ryu has Caliburn, last stage before Excalibur.
There’s a person on my server who got Excalibur as well his efforts to it was hard working and he earned it by respect of his LS mates and friends. On the other hand Ryu did not, Ryu’s ways to earn Caliburn is to cheat, lie and steal.

Some more things about Ryu’s gilbuying habbits. When people find out about Ryu or know to much about them, not gonna call names. They were removed from LS and banned from the website. As for friend who made the website, he even designed he got banned from the website because ryu accused him for hacking her account. I can tell you he didn’t do it but the person who did /kudos.
Also awhile later EK site has been hacked, again Ryu acused the wrong person. /kudos again to person who did.

After receiving her Dynamis Sword, Ryunoire “claimed” that the HNM scene was too stressful and broke the shell right before the gil splits. Not only did she keep all the god pops and gil, she basically held the LS Bank. She created a social LS which most of the original members of EK stayed on. Other people were left to go on to other HNM/Sky/Sea shells. Weeks later, Ryunoire did a mass recruitment with people on Shadowbane and started doing Sky on 2-18-2006. Best way to celebrate Ryunoire’s new shell, fight Kirin using the pop items that the old members helped her get. She formed a new LS called Fated Oasis when she broke EK. So what’s the diference EK does sky FO does sky hmm, I don’t see it. Well ofcourse the only reason was to fucking steal the linkshell bank and fuckover everyone’s money.

When we did Kirin Ryu main tanked Kirin like always. Ryu: This is how you tank Kirin (get’s one shotted by Kirin). I LMAO’d.

All this is consider’d as drama that’s why i wasn’t around I’m not a drama king. But hey i have to write this somewhere so I put this shit in LJ. I supose all the rumors should be spread on KI, BG and Alla soon…
Well, I feel sad tho for people that have no idea what is going on and still follow Ryu what she all did. They have no idea what’s going on if they knew they would have left a long time ago. It’s sad tho people still follow Ryu after all this shit and drama she caused.

To be honest I was done with Eternal Knights a long time ago, just kept ls because friends were there.

PS: Oh, love the flash
Says more then 1000 words about ryu.

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