Admin | July 23, 2008

So Yeah.

So yeah. Like I said I’m quitting ffxi.

Bazaaring in R.field.


I want to thank everyone who has supported and who made FFXI fun.

Elena | 10 Feb 2014 07:28 pm
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Malkoto | 27 Nov 2013 12:00 pm
the chinese AND eniglsh 文案 both suck. i felt violated after reading it. why in god's name would she decide to write something herself? and you would think that given the insane amount of money they have, the least she could do is to hire someone who actually knows eniglsh to proof-read and correct grammatical and spelling errors. as if the eniglsh version isn't bad enough, her writing in chinese leaves a lot to be desired. i don't have anything against these 名媛, but if they have the balls to do stupid shit like this then i can't help but to throw it back at them!
Kitsanapon | 26 Nov 2013 05:26 am
we tested same thing with a 150 rp and siren work way beettr on me ;=) trust me. because im mage and still buffed. intresting^^. ah yes i aggre with you ,painfull noise doasnt even have a dot . but dunno why he used that skill .and check my other vid there is 14x 149 lvl chars. u can see siren dot power on high lvls too thx for watching;)

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