Admin | June 01, 2009

Story of the week

So I recently purchased a Geforce POV 9800 GTX+ and I was trying to sell my Geforce 8600 GT.

A person seemed to be interested in my card and also assuming when you buy a PC part you are a well informed lad atleast I would assume so.
So this guy or rather old man visited me to buy my graphics card, and he was disappointed, because the card I was selling has 256MB RAM instead of 512MB. The man I wanted to sell misread 256 for 512MB. So he leaves. Later tonight he calls me complaining and moaning I tried scamming him that he really read 512MB that I must have changed the advertisement and that I made him drive 80KM for nothing.

I answered him with. Do you have even a slightiest idea what the official Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT specs are? Perhaps going to the official website would ease making your decision next time and would make you look less retarded, sir
He said I should have informed him before hand.
My answer: The 8600 GT series of Geforce Nvidia have NO 512MB RAM it does not exist, are you retarded sir? If you were really going to buy something blindly without having a fucking clue what you are buying you’re a FUCKING IDIOT. Maybe I sounded like an asshole, but the person was pissing me off. Maybe you need to open your eyes when you buy something and do enough research and not snap on the seller that is trying to sell something while you thought you had been misinformed.

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