Admin | October 20, 2009

Free Fortitude!

We decided doing some late night Sea farming we decided going for Jailer of Fortitude. zEUs was also looking for Jailer of Fortitude pop location and succeeded in finding the pop location before us. Unfortunately they failed to kite Jailer of Fortitude and wiped to Jailer of Fortitude everyone was weakened and no longer in state to kite or hold Jailer of Fortitude and which resulted to a complete wipe. After they wiped, we asked if we could claim and we did.

Here are the results.

I personally think this is pretty good with no Bard.

zEUs appeared to upset, because we took their Notrious Monster that they popped, we were standing far away seeing them fight Jailer of Fortitude, their failure in kiting Jailer of Fortitude seemed that they were so desperate that they attempted to run into the other room thinking it would be a better strategy to hold Jailer of Fortitude where pots spawn which resulted to having 4 monsters on them, a pot, 2 Jailer of Fortitude adds and Jailer of Fortitude himself. After we successfully defeated Jailer of Fortitude with five people which is the same amount that zEUs had zEUs appeared to be quite angry at us, because Jailer of Fortitude was kind enough to us to drop Fortitude Torque. Congratulations to Milenya on obtaining a Fortitude Torque!

Good Night indeed.

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