Admin | January 13, 2010

WoW update #9: Jewelcrafting

So, I decided to ditch lolMining and level Jewelcrafting, because JC is just too profitable and +34 STR gems are nice. I was going to save up for my Hilt, but just making with enchanting is too slow I need another source of income which would be JC.

Process is going pretty well if I say so myself I’ve dumped about 3.5k gold into JC to get to 427, power-leveling ofcourse.

Only 23 more levels to go. From 425-450 is actually profit so spending 3.5k gold for capped JC isn’t too bad and considering it’s one of the most profitable professions in WoW. Just sucks I have to wait 6 days now in order to get my last 23 levels, because I have to daily quests for Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Tokens and the next recipe I need to skill up costs 5 tokens you get only one token a day. So yeah that’s 6 days away, because I also need another Dragon’s Eye which costs 1 token as well.

Compared to regular +20 STR gems these are quite nice to have which are JC exclusive only!

I’ve also made 1k gold from JC so far, so no complaints here!

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