Admin | March 25, 2010


Finally it’s here my iPhone. I was suprised how small the box was when I received it.

The iPhone is so thin compared to my other phones and I’ve never been so impressed about a phone but man this is really the best phone i’ve ever had in my hands it’s good in every aspect.

It’s impressive how fast this phone is compared to my previous phones no sign of lag in any form at all or hanging. My other phone sometime pissed me off how the entire screen has to load or build up let’s say you want to dial a number and have to wait 30-40 seconds that’s just really annoying. I first wanted to get the HTC HD2, but decided not to since it’s a Windows phone and just love the Apple design and always already wanted an iPhone.

Left iPhone obviously.
Middle my oldest phone of the 3 I used pretty decent phone, it’s a clamshell but the windows on it is outdated MSN doesn’t run because of the old software.
Right, HTC. My last used phone before stepping to the iPhone. When too many programs are active the thing is a train wreck its slow as hell this seems the main issue with all the windows phones. I’m not sure if this issue persists with the new HTC phones such as the HD2.

Anyway, happy with my phone that’s about it for now!

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