Admin | April 29, 2010

WoW update #13: Shadow’s Edge dropped into in my inventory and… jizzed in my pants

So TeT finally got me my two quest items for my Shadow’s Edge my long awaited items and several months of farming to cough up 25 [Primordial Saronite]. Tuesday we did ICC25 and I think I’ve become the lootwhore of the night. All good loot that dropped went to me, except for a Sanc!

Not only getting Fester/Rotface bloods for my Shadow’s Edge. Look at this Cryptmaker dropped one of the best two-handed offhand weapon asside from Hard-mode ICC10/25 which I am not doing right now. I’ll hold onto this for a long time.

And finally the raid was over after downing Dreamwalker…

At last! Holding both Shadow’s Edge and Cryptmaker in my hands makes a deadly combination. My DPS increased insanely compared my two previous weapon.



Not the only thing I also picked up a nice 264 ring from Festergut. Don’t see too many rings that have STR and also ArP.

My GearScore is pretty good now. Sitting 5787 now. Almost as good as the best warrior in our guild. Big upgrades for me great raiding night indeed.

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