Admin | March 16, 2011

WoW update #20: Yeah, full epic.

So yeah Relax raiding is going well. We’re 11/12 and I’m full epic we need to progress more often in Heroics though.


I haven’t done a heroic random forever so for fun I just went in and see how much DPS I could do and pull aggro from the tank :D

Fernandoh | 21 Sep 2014 04:45 am
Variety is key, of course. I wonedr if variety has gone up or down from BC to Cata. I can't think of any activity that has been added or removed. I suppose dailies replaced mob grinding as the primary form of farming. While I don't like that change, I'm not sure if it counts as less variety."how easy is it for more progressed chars to group with less progressed ones"That question has too many layers too it. Easy in what way? Currently anyone could join a lower tier, but there is little incentive, so socially it is hard. Then there's the question of what is progression. Gear might block raid transfers, but quest progress and phasing can block even more effectively.Or maybe it's an entirely pointless question, based on my past assertion that playing with friends is overrated, and if they aren't friends, why would we be trying to play with players of a different progression level?

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