Admin | June 26, 2011

FFXI update #60: Back again, perhaps!

Late 2011, I have attempted to return to FFXI, due launch of Catalysm I was uninterested in FFXI. 2 main goals is atleast getting SAM to 90 and finishing CoP. We’ll see!

Arma | 10 Feb 2014 06:54 pm
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Natalya | 26 Nov 2013 03:20 am
I was bothered that I clodun't have characters on both sides of the war . One side per account makes me grumpy.There are a lot of little Asianisms about the game that give it an identity beyond a fantasy steampunk WoW clone , but overall, I agree, it's just not a superb experience. It's playable, and fun enough, but nothing stellar.I still want to make a BattleTech Steampunk hybrid. *goes to sketchbook*

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