Admin | September 09, 2011

FFXI update #62: Yes, lack of updates but…. !

Indeed, of updates. On MMORPG related update I’ve been playing FFXI and heavily concentrated on Abyssea (hoho suprise!)

I managed to finish Masamune (1st stage) for my SAM, not that I play or care about SAM these days. But I picked Masamune so may as well finish it, but regret the decision, because I rather do Ukonvasara for my Warrior. After playing Warrior in WoW I couldn’t withstand the temptation to level Warrior in FFXI and think it’s an awesome job more fun than SAM in my opinion. But still like SAM abit, but I just want to play something new since I’ve been playing SAM for the past four years.


Obtained Masamune!

Obtained: Masamune.

WAR is fun fun. Random Raging Rush screenshot while camping Balaur for Ravager’s Gorget.

Over 7000!

ePeen Jin, luckily Landsoul has retired as NIN due 2 reasons…
1) Due certain person being an horrible WHM I don’t like having slow or plague on me all the time or never being hasted and having to ask everytime gets tiresome.
2) I leveled WAR to 90 ever since I have been playing warrior as DD and red proccer. And Seshiro and Alkimo (Kannagi) have been going NIN instead of me.

Thus my NIN is some sort retired! Unless I am 2-boxing with my WHM. Other thing I have been cleaving Chasm for Itzy pops for my Warrior’s Ukonvasa right now I am at [35/50] Itzy scales so only 15 more to go. One of my LS members has finished his whatever Empy he’s doing so soon I should be done with Itzy farming so I can focus on Glavoid myself for my Warrior’s Ukon, still need to do these pesky Great-Axe trials whatsoever!

I’ve made a Taru on my other account cause I prefer having a Taru mage instead of Hume. It’s not too bad, because you can sent r/e items if characters are on the same account except for Empys and AF3 set, however you can sent AF3 accessory, so it’s not too bad once I get 30 on it I can just make Fell Cleave PTs on my Warrior for my Taru mage getting 90 won’t be a problem asside of knocking down those Limit Break quests.

That’s about it for gaming related updates, see you next month!

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