Admin | November 21, 2011

WoW update #21: Kirinya makes an appearance back to WoW!

Finally, due alot RL stuff I am finally back to WoW after being absent for 5 months. I must say I have missed this game alot, and happy I can play this game again. Hopefully Revived will accept me back as a raider, we’ll have to see about that as soon as I talk to someone about that. I am excited about the new upcoming patch which includes the Dragon Soul raid and finally the Deathwing encounter!

It is a shame I have missed the whole Firelands expansion, however with Firelands ending and with the upcoming new 5-man heroic dungeons this gives me a fresh start of raiding again. However, even if I had to play at heroic level in Firelands I felt confident that I could adapt to heroic raid level in a short time being. That’s not the case cause there’s only 1 week Firelands before patch 4.3 goes live.

Not having played 5 months has brought all my Add-ons outdated including TukUI. I felt it was time for a fresh new UI that’s why I have stept from TukUI to ElvUI. I like this UI abit better there’s some aditions to this UI (although it’s very simular to TukUI for most part) that TukUI lacks. They are both fine UIs this one is just a little easier to adjust.

For this week I have done some tier 11 raids as a warm-up being back, however hard to pug Firelands this late in the 4.2 patch since everyone requires an achievment. I’ve been running some heroics so I can cap Valor and some achievment points whoring gotta get those achievments!

That’s all folks!

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