Admin | January 12, 2012

lolFFXI job adjustments & WoW

[dev1063] Job Adjustments: Warrior

* Warrior Job Adjustments
o Critical hit damage enhancement will be removed from the job ability “Blood Rage”

Previous effect: Enhances critical hit rate and critical hit damage for party members within area of effect.
New effect: Enhances critical hit rate for party members within area of effect.

o The TP critical hit rate bonus for the weapon skill Ukko’s Fury will be reduced.
*This is the same adjustment mentioned in [dev1064] Weapon Skill Adjusments.

*Adjustments and testing will be conducted in two phases.

* Phase one:
Balance adjustments (as above) introduced to test server, feedback collected.
* Phase two (introduction dependent on results of phase one testing):
Enhancement of job abilities Double Attack and Critical Attack Bonus.
Internal testing and balance adjustments to be followed by test server introduction and feedback collection.


Oh good fucking god, good thing I don’t play this fucking shitty game anymore, now that Tanaka is on the FFXI dev team again FFXI is gonna take its last several anal poundings.
Square-enix is more retarded than Tanaka when it comes to balancing fucking classes and they did it too fucking late to matter, no one gives a flying fuck or does Abyssea, Abyssea is where it actually mattered MNK and WAR being better than SAM. Now, with Voidwatch SAM is also shinning because its outside Abyssea so again this is a pretty pointless job adjustment.

On WoW related note I’ve been raiding 3/week now and my Warrior is getting geared nicely again, could use a better weapon, but 2/4 BiS heroic t13 so cannot complain!

3/8 Heroic and currently progressing on Heroic Hagara.

Wish I could play Alliance again, but cannot be bothered joining a new guild and starting over again.

Reignbeau | 10 Feb 2014 07:28 pm
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Thais | 27 Nov 2013 11:56 am
absolutamente nada do que eu fae7o envolve mais que 2 hrs jodango em comparae7e3o ao que era antes, o jogo te1 mto melhor em relae7e3o ao tempo. em 1 hr eu pego 10 merits, ne3o demora 15 minutos pra arrumar uma pt. ultimamente o que eu tenho feito e9 ficar afk esperando por um shout pra farmar seals de NMs enquanto fae7o outras coisas, ou trials. sf3 o que consome tempo e9 os eventos da ls, e mesmo assim tu ne3o precisa ficar a run inteira pq 18 pessoas e9 overkill nesses eventos, e sempre tem algue9m pra te substituir. e eles ne3o levam 1hr e meia pra se juntar .. tu sf3 cansou do jogo, mas falar que abyssea consome tempo ne3o faz sentido pra mim.

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