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WoW update #23: Ninth Order and its incompetent leadership

So I recently failed my trial with Ninth Order and I’m not really butthurt about it I mean there’s plenty of guilds I could join. But I would like to discuss this blog entry about Ninth Order and how the raidleaders operate.

First thing I think the communication is not very good. Communication has always been an important role as a guildmaster, but also as an officer to a trial or member. Past guilds I have been over these 3.5 years I have met very great and understanding guildleaders. They were very communicative which is expected. However, Ninth Order I thought officers lacked this. If I take things back the guildmaster Lument of my previous guild Revived once made a post on his officer blog. I think Lument is a good example of a great guildmaster/raidleader. As a raidleader he’s very communicative, constructive continues giving feedback to trials and existing members/raiders. Top server guild or not this sort communication is a missing factor from becoming a good raidleader. I won’t go over detail on other guilds, but they were simular to Lument communicative wise.

Now, onto discussing why I was denied full raider position in Ninth Order. When I applied I was still in Revived with being 3/8H while Ninth Order was 4/8H at that time. When I applied my gear wasn’t in the best shape and I had around ilvl 390. Not to mention some really horrible itemization, further more I had also some pieces of LFR gear which is far behind from normal Dragon Soul gear. Most players in Ninth Order had 400-403~

Let’s see the amount of raiding I’ve done in Ninth Order:
Week 1: Spine, Madness
Week 2: H Morchok, H Yor’Sahj, 1.5h of progress on H Blackhorn then replaced, Spine Madness.
Week 3: H Morchok, H Zon’ozz, H Yor’sahj

As you can see only limited tries for me and I’ve only obtained two items during my time in Ninth Order. One of the is Gurthalak on my second week after H Blackhorn progression. My second item is the plate feet from H Zon’ozz. After obtaining those two my DPS did jump up, but I was still at ilvl 392 it seems leaders have failed to comprehend this or they were eyeballing. I had several horrible items including a 378 headpiece from Heroic dungeon. Moving on, my last attempt on Madness I was in the top 5 of Ninth Order DPS and on Yor’Sahj heroic I was placed third after acquiring atleast a good weapon. These two were accurate attempts that show least I can compete with better geared players and my DPS is for being “low” for my current gear.

I was bored these 3 weeks cause I had to sit 4 days out so I confronted a leader telling my thoughts how I was doing, and if it was possible to do more bosses on farm days if not what about when I become a raider? They didn’t say much only thing they said my DPS was low for their standards. This is hardly the case, because when I did H Blackhorn progression once I was underperforming due having a really horrible weapon. Next day an officer whispered me I did not pass my trial, because my DPS is below their standards. I didn’t feel like arguing, I was intelligent enough to know I would not win the argument and their mind is probably set and no officer or raidleader has every taken 1 minute of their time talking to me or giving any feedback whatsoever. So I thought myself a guild where leaders only shout on vent and being zero communicative or constructive is not really a guild I want to be part of anyway. They demoted me to Friend rank so I left instantly.

To summarize in short I’m a DPS warrior with ivl 392 at that time that that couldn’t compete in DPS cause there were DPS with 400-403 gear that obviously do more damage than me. I failed my trial, because my gear was not as high compared to others.

If a guild isn’t up to the job to gear someone up don’t waste your own and other people’s time by telling them to come over then deny them due too low dps for being undergeared. On another note I still needed some items for normal Dragon Soul so I joined a pug guild run for these two weeks and got pretty much what I was missing.

1) Ultraxion trinket
2) T13 head which I finally swap my Shoulders
3) Spine Shoulders
4) Heroic legs token

Which is basicly 5 very good upgrades replacing 378 items and LFR. Which brings my ilvl to 398. A good trinket was something I was really lacking. With my current gear my DPS has skyrocketed which allows me to pull some satisfying numbers and I am very confident right now when I join a 25-man heroic guild again I won’t be underperforming. It’s just funny the Ninth Order has failed to comprehend the difference between actual DPS and gear. And in two weeks of doing Dragon Soul without Ninth Order my performance has improve drastically compared 3 weeks in Ninth Order even benching on farm runs.

By this I would like to conclude my post regarding Ninth Order.

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