Admin | February 04, 2012

New PC upgrades are here!

After 2.5 years old Q9550 and P5Q Deluxe pumping I felt it was time to upgrade my hardware. As I often multitask alot with two PC screens having a CPU with a little more power would be nice. I currently having two cases my other PC was in Cosmos and I’m building my new parts in Antec Nine Thousand reason for the this is I always felt the Antec was more functional than Cosmos cause HDD run a little hot and airflow in Antec case is better than the Cosmos despite it has more room.

Let’s take a close look on the hardware.



That concludes my post, I still need to buy another CPU fan cause stock cooler sucks and will upgrade my GPU in the future.

Sierra | 20 Sep 2014 06:24 pm
Sorry about that Ann. The link is fixed now.As you can tell from my lack of response for a few weeks, I've gotetn a little lax in updating this blog as of late. Hopefully it is still of use to you if you haven't already found it somewhere else.

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