Admin | February 04, 2012

Enjoying new upgraded PC!

Ever since I started dualmonitoring, my QuadCore PC has suffered drastic performance loss in WoW, I think its partly because of Cataclysm, because Blizzard sucks and uses really heavy textures. Anyway with my new CPU I don’t even lag in Stormwind anymore even during heavy crowed. Where my Q9550 had some difficulty with it. Q9550 is a fine CPU, i5 2500k can just handle things better. It’s really noticeable that my framerate went up with my new CPU, this would be a good during 25-man raids where my CPU Q9550 experienced some difficulty during heavy loading like Heroic Yor’ Sahj adds. Sometimes, I would end up with 5 FPS cause there are so many adds and so much AoE is happening.

I’m getting up to 50-80 FPS during crowed in Stormwind which is a big increase sometimes I would go below 30 on my Q9550.

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