Admin | March 24, 2012

FFXIV update #7: Some parsing

Dragoon & parsing
Now about DRG, it’s a fairly enjoyable class. And in my opinion currently the strongest melee class in terms of damage. Often BLM is being favored due being ranged while this makes sense on boss encounters resistant to physical damage it also seems the case that players favor BLM on fights such as Ifrit. While people think BLM is superior to melee my parser, however says otherwise.

Here below are two parses of encounters I have participated on as DRG, as new player I believe I am fairly spot on figuring out the class myself with no info. Just being intelligent how & where to use your abilities.

First parse here, which is Ifrit. Forgot here to eat food, however there’s only a 1% difference on parse between me and the BLM.

Second parse which is on the DRG AF fight while helping a LS member.

Depending on the conditions of a fight. If the mob is not resistant to physical damage, it’s very possible to outparse BLM as DRG. This also depends on just the player and how aggressively your playstyle is. I should probably parse more for some better result, but I have gotten an idea how I can perform as DRG.

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