Admin | March 28, 2012

FFXIV update #9: Inferior boss mechanics.

Square-Enix is the most horrible company on this planet within the universe when it comes to designing boss mechanics. I must give Blizzard credit at the very least no matter how horrid to fuck up a class or how bad they nerf the class it’s still very much balanced much better than either jobs Square-Enix ever has designed. In FFXI it’s a joke how much people use to stack BLMs, because it’s much more efficient due the boss being physical resistant, however the FFXI developement team has learned from these mistakes and with introducing Abyssea/Voidwatch content they made it balanced so every job was useful. As for WoW you pretty much bring a balanced makeup of Melee and Ranged classes there’s rarely a case that you would find ONLY stacking ranged classes cause melee classes would be “useless”.

Now patch 1.21 brougt new dungeons. You would assume Square-Enix has learned from their mistakes in FFXI and would release interesting content, but no. Square-enix has shown to be incompetent yet once again. As this day I always say “Bring the player, not the class.” As mentioned before Square-enix is really horrible when it comes to making MMO boss mechanics the new dungeon boss mechanics are simply horrible. It’s no the player base, it’s the horrible design that Square-enix deisngs. They are making bosses yet again only favoring BLM this is absolutely the stale, stagnant and linear strategy you can every think off. Stacking classes is boring and so old this is not 2005.

Let’s take Chimera for example.


How many classes are there? There’s 7, how many tend to be useful? 3 to 4 No one gives a fuck about MNK, DRG & PLD. Not when you can just manaburn everything, also BLM take the minimum amount of damage the fact its a ranged class meaning less mana spent for WHMs. For a game with this shitty and linear strategy setup I can’t imagine how they even dare to charge for this game with minimal effort, you can’t even call the content half decent at this point, because it’s not. If you look at WoW, or even FFXI now the content of Voidwatch/Abyssea is tenfold better than FFXIV for a couple of reasons.

o Variety
o Rewarding
o Balanced
o Not reused shitty mechanics
o Fun

You say let’s go overstack BLM like FFXI old days. Except in old FFXI Warriors and Samurai had a purpose making a skillchain, however that concept has completely disappeared in FFXIV. Overall this is not a bad game it contains horrible ideas and many flaws are that completely old and strategies like this are very stagnant. Not least horrible mechanic could possibly exist in this universe. Makes me wonder if the word “incompetent” has ever crossed their minds? It’s for people that can’t get results.

This is so typical Square-Enix where you only favor one DPS class, and rest of the other classes are dead as fuck. This is no surprise why the subscriptions FFXIV has is below 100k and FFXI is still rocking 300k subscribers. I do enjoy playing FFXIV, but it’s these fucking shitty horrible mechanics they are releasing that makes me not want to play this game. Ifrit was the atleast abit interesting boss encounter they have released and FFXIV has been released since 2010, ofcourse that’s appart from the horrid server delay and if you are caught being stuck while using a WS goodluck avoiding fire on the ground without sliding 20 yards away with your dead body.

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