Admin | April 01, 2012

FFXIV update #10: Ifritís Axe.

200 Tapers spent, 40 Ifrits killed. Finally got my 10th Inferno Totem on the 40th Ifrit kill. I haven’t seen any weapons drop ever since my 5th kill.

Now I can quit till 1.22 or 2.0, because DRG and WAR is shit for Cutter’s Cry or any of the dungeons anyway.

I don’t want to level any DoM classes/jobs, because it’s boring, and melee are only useful for Ifrit or Moogle maybe so there’s nothing else to do in this game for the moment. And I want the new Darklight gear, but at this rate I don’t see it getting anytime soon due the fact I never get invited to dungeons, because I have not leveled the propper jobs. So, maybe 1.22 is more melee friendly. If not guess I’ll just hiatus till 2.0 comes. I’m really bored of standing in Ul’dah and hoping I get an invite. And I think It’s a fucking waste of time standing in Ul’dah half the time not even consistant invites, it’s hardly worth the effort. Also, the fact that Darklight gear droprate is so low means I’d never get to see it drop. Thus playing this current patch is rather pointless to me seeing as I don’t get any invites to dungeons.

However I don’t hold this against my LS, it’s just the fault of Square-Enix for making fucking horrible boss mechanics with only favoring certain jobs and making other classes useless. Class stacking is a pretty stale strategy, this isn’t 2005, but That’s typical Square-Enix. That being said, this is not me being emo, because I have only been playing for about 5 weeks now. This is Square-Enix being horrible at creating boss mechanics which are stale as fuck. And seeing as I can’t get most out of this game I ddon’t see the reason continue playing at this rate, and I can just move to another game that does satisfy my needs.

I’m currently only playing WoW once or twice a week due actively playing FFXIV, because I was kinda enjoying it, but due recent frustrations in FFXIV I’ve been playing more actively. Also, I always have a spot for raids in WoW, so I can’t see the possible chance of FFXIV ever replacing WoW for me.

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