Admin | January 28, 2013

FFXI update #72: Koenig Schuhs and Kannagi

Decided to buy Cursed Schuhs -1 for 3Mil after receiving M.feet abj as adition to my idle/region set for my warrior.

After that asked Headache to augment my new feet and went 1/2 on it, suprisingly.

Also got Koga Tekko in Dynamis today which is still a piece I needed for NIN and upgraded to +2.

Just need to get AF2 legs to finish my TP set.

Also after that Mozu sitting so long in my Mog Sack I decided to finish the 80 path for Kannagi.

Finally finished after 2,5 days spamming La theine… atleast Sobek is alot closer humped up. With already being 11/50 on Sobek skins and also free Sobek today, because a BST wiped at 1%. Free NMs are always nice…

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