Admin | February 02, 2013

FFXI update #73: Retards from VS.

Today, I display you the sheer retardedness from players in VS, but somehow the retards always manage to find their way to me…

Apparently, the retard meter has no limit today as I am destined to encounter retards whether it be in WoW or in FFXI. Today, we have Smurfite and Glecent as the maincast and some of their followers.


dont sell landsoul anything. hell just put the single on his mule and try to charge 100 piece price

You also forgot to mention that you have trisomy 21 as your weakness.

Yeah. blame someone who’s not paying attention after going through 70 bazaars rather than the person doing

So not being a window licking retard isn’t normal? fuck.

If I really would sell currencies at the price of 100 I would do it on Hasteja or Landsoul, because I wouldn’t care if people think me as a scumbag. If you really buy singles at the price of 100s you really are a moron period, reading is not hard. Personally with all my years in FFXI I have never fallen for such deceptions.
Regardless I’ve been selling plenty single currency for around 7k a piece, yeah totally ripping people off, feel so bad.

David | 20 Sep 2014 05:46 pm
It sounds like he's etixcepng the paladins to be operating at stage 6 without being at that stage himself.I'd talk privately to the paladins about making sure blessings are properly set, including customized ten minute blessings. PallyPower is very helpful for this, but it does depend on the person setting blessings to know what role everyone is filling. He should be politely asking for a blessing at the appropriate time, not throwing a silent fit.As for what is the appropriate time, it is when the raid has been buffed and a ready check is up, that's when it's more clear that the paladins have made a mistake. One of my pet peeves is when people demand blessings when no one has even started buffing or when the rest of their class is still out of range and there is clearly no pulling happening.@Rashtag: It's not much fun when no one shows up to a party. Not much fun at all. I can sympathize.

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