Admin | May 01, 2013

Path of Exile

Currently playing Path of Exile. I’ve been wanting to play this game for awhile, became interested seeing PoE stream gameplay it looked really interesting. Haven’t found the time up till now to play it due being busy in FFXI. Decided to take a little break from FFXI to play this game. Up till now this game is very interesting and fun something that Diablo III lacked. Also, it’s quite addicting past few days I’ve been playing it 24/7 non-stop. I’m currently playing Ranger and I really love the playstyle, instead of going for a normal heavy melee class as usual I picked Ranger this time. If I make another toon I’ll try considering Marauder or Witch(Mage).


I like the skill tree system in PoE alot. It’s quite simular to the Sphere Grid in FFX. There’s so many flexibilities when it comes to skill choices, there’s 1000 choices overall I like it.


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