Admin | September 29, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV overview

So I've been playing FFXIV: ARR for a few weeks. And so far the game is interesting enough to keep playing. The game still has a few flaws and could use some improvements. But overall the game is looking really good and has alot potential growth.

Endgame consists of three major things. There's a currency known as Tomes of Myth and Phil. Phil has no cap, but Myth has a weekly cap of 300. This is a simular concept like the Justice and Valor points system in WoW.

This is where you spent major time trying to gear up. You get Mythology and Philosophy from Amdapor Keep which is currently now the longest dungeon. You get 80 Philosohy and 40 Mythology. Alternative dungeons are the story dungeons known as Praetorium and Castrum which is abit faster and net 100 Philosophy, however they don't give Mythology.

It takes about 60 runs to farm a complete set + the needed items for a relic. which is around 6,000 Philosophy Tomes.

Relic and Primals
This is the second part of level 50 content. And your quest to get relic. In order to complete your relic weapon quest you have to kill all 3 Hardmode primals with Ifrit and Garuda being a warm-up and have a lower DPS requirement aslong as you have a decent makeup. Titan is quite a DPS check during the heart phase and after the heart phase its an endurance fight, DPSing the Titan while avoiding boss mechcanics. Ultimately this fight can be challenging in a pug, but once you figure out all paterns this fight it not too difficult aslong as you have no latency issues.

Bahamut's Coil
This is the real endgame, or "raid" the requirement of entering Bahamut's Coil is defeating Titan Hardmode which pretty much means you'll have a relic. Relic is pretty much a requirement for BC. There's alot good fights in BC. The first encounter with the Snake/Peiste is probably my favorite one.

Endgame looks good so far, it's only bad there's not much variation and Bahamut's Coil is the only endgame "raid". Amdapor Keep is tedious after the nerf they added even more trash and trash has to much HP. Most content is fairly easy, but BC is pretty challenging so far with involving alot of wipes and attempts on the difficulty factor so they did that about right. So I'm hoping to see more challenging endgame content in the future. There's going to be Extreme modes for Primals and Crystal Tower so I do look forward to that!

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