Admin | October 09, 2013

Razer Naga

Recently my Coolmaster Storm Sentinel mouse has been in decline with the scroll button being defective. After long thinking I decided to purchase the Razer Naga afterall. There was a good discount on a site so I figured why not it's roughly the same price what I paid for the CM Storm Sentinel.

Taking a look at the box.

Taking a closer look


Some photos of the mouse.

Matches my keyboard pretty well.

Overall pretty nice mouse, the 1-9 are fairly easy to reach, however 10-12 feel pretty awkard and is harder to reach. Still takes time to getting use to the mouse. The mouse is alot broader than the Sentinel. Sentinel was more of a claw grip mouse, but this mouse is more of a palm grip.

The grip feels more comfy

than the Sentinel. Sentinel was less Comfortable than the Logitech MX518, but more functional. From my experience as playing games and what not plam grip mouses tend to put less strain or getting tired after long gaming sessions compared to a claw grip mouse.

Overall the amount of buttons you have is great to have so many macros at your dispose and even if not you're gonna use them all you can use it for several other things like play music, mute or other stuff.

Razer Synapse 2.0 is pretty flexible and allows you to customize pretty much anything with your mouse, also razer macros are great if you have to spam keys without making your hands fall off. Also offer several other functions such as a macro sequence or using number of buttons in a loop without having to keep pressing the actual button.

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