Admin | November 10, 2013

Sennheiser Momentum

Today I want to talk about the Sennheiser Momentum and share my thoughts on these headphones.  First off I'm happy to say I finally got rid of terrible  Beats by Dre headphones.

The Momentum are a stylish hifi model designed to look and feel good whereever you use them. They are available in two colors dark brown leather and black leather with red stiches.

The beatiful leather pads and headbands feel extremely comfortable due to the use of the very best quality leather available and they stay on the head well considering the clamping force is minimum which I always found an issue using the Beats by Dre headphones. The clamping force with the Beats was usually rather tight for me so after long listening sessions you'd notice the clamping force.

The Momentum are small enough to make a great travel headphones, but they also work well at home by using it with your hifi setup, computer, or with the TV.

Included with the momentem are headphone cable with smart controlls also with a second standard handphone cable, however it does not have a fancy jack as this cable. Unfortunately the smart controlls only are supported by iphone and on other devices such as android only the middle button and mic are supported, but not the volume buttons.

So how do they sound? Sennheiser has found a comfortable and yet fun and warm sound which is at the right side of relaxed. You get plenty detail and instrument seperation and never step into fatigue terrotory. Sound stage is short, but imaging is impressive considering the size of the cups. The sound will work well for commuters and business travelers or anyone who likes warm clean reproduction. Sound signature generally works well across all genres. They certainly don't feel boring, and bass drums have a satisfying through the eardrum, the momentum are smooth without getting sluggish.

Only a few headphones will perform and offer the same luxery as the Sennheiser Momentum for its price range. So these headphones are some of the very best headphones you can buy with 300 bucks.

And that's my thoughts on the Sennheiser Momentum, lightweight design with attractive looks comfortable fit and excellent build quality.

Thanks for reading and happy listening!

Sound quality - 70/100
Build Quality - 95/100
Comfort - 70/100
Final score - 73/100

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