Admin | July 18, 2014

More FFXIV updates

Upgraded my Astrum gloves since they are BiS and finally got 3 logs from the new hunting since 2.3.

Also leveled my Culnarian to 37 for Steady Hand II so my Hasty Touch is feels less random. With Steady Hand I it has a 70% success rate, but now with Steady Hand II it will have a 80% success rate feels abit more reliable.

Alisba | 21 Sep 2014 08:30 am
I know TB doesn't read or respond to these amyonre, but I personally like the T12 Hunter set. I think it is fantastic. As far as needing depth perception and whatnot, is TB god damned retarded? When you pull back a bowstring, you are sighting it with a single eye. When you use a gun, you are targeting with a single eye. So having the eye patch wouldn't hurt a thing.

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