Admin | December 16, 2014

Narconia QB78 co2 Rifle

My lasted air rifle purchase the Industry Brand QB78 imported by Narconia. I am quite pleased with this air rifle, it's pretty accurate and suprisingly well built for its price point. The handle is fully wood and the rest is steel, the plastic used is very minimal. The trigger and cocking handle is made from Brass.

Abit of history on this rifle, it's actually an inspired imitation of the Crossman 160/167 (which is no longer in production) and the was demand for the Crosman 160 so this Chinese brand took it upon theirself of making a rifle that basically is an imitation of the Crosman 160.

This gun goes for  roughly 100-110 euro, and most guns at that price point are made out of plastic. I dislike plastic build guns myself although there are some pretty good airguns that are plastic like the Baikal IZH MP-61. But this gun feels really nice in the hand and weights about 2.5kg so makes you feel abit like you're holding a real rifle.

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