Admin | January 29, 2015

Hatsan MOD 90

My newest purchase, the Hatsan MOD 90. I quite powerful spring operated break-barrel rifle. The guns recoil is quite nice, being used to co2, and one side springer the Baikal MP61 this one shoots very different that takes abit of practice to get use to.  Also bought a suitcase for my air rifle, this is useful when traveling too as well good way of storing guns..

The Hatsan Striker 1000s caught my eye first, but the shop I visited recommended me the Hatsan MOD 90 for 7 euro more it has a better triger which is a quantum trigger. Accuracy wise is pretty good, I was getting fine accuracy shots at 20yd. I got this gun in .22 calibur, .177 calibur goes way to hard to the point the pellet becomes unstable. I got about averagely 799-800 fps in .22 with dome and flatheads.



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