Admin | July 24, 2017

My rant playing on Nasomi FFXI private server

I use to play on Nasomi but went to another private server 75 Era. Nasomi is way too restrictive when it comes to windower plugin and addons. SE isn't scanning for addons so they can ban PC players using Windower while fucking Nasomi does. These addons don't hurt anybody while botting and speedhacking does, it helps the player for a more enjoyable experience. Many of these addons are quality of life and were also used by the majority of PC players back in 2005-2009 which was the peak of 75 era. It makes no sense to restrict these addons. SpellCast was a big thing back in 2005~2009 in the FFXI community, yet its banned on Nasomi.
>Gearswap/Spellcast isn't allowed on Nasomi
>Everyone uses fucking Gearswap on retail and official servers don't give a fuck
>Nasomi enforcing their rules more closely than SE does themselves.
>No timers
>No Autoexec
>No battlemod
>No Send
>No Config (60 FPS FFXI is so good)
Makes you wonder if the admin is trying to give the player a worse experience then 2004-2009?
I started originally on Nasomi in 2015, but I found out quickly with these restrictions Nasomi is not the server for me. Because I am a person that enjoys using FFXI Windower addons as they enhance my gaming experience. Simply because stock FFXI doesn't layout enough game information so addons have to help you out. Also SpellCast/GearSwap is huge a huge quality of life you have to be literally retarded at coding not wanting to use it.
My friend recommended me and started on there since April 2015. I still play on it for about 2 years now. Era does have increased exp ratings though. However, the endgame content like nation, ZM, CoP missions are still challenging and there are no free handouts for gear. The increased exp rating just means capping out merits is going to be much faster then originally as well as leveling jobs to 75. This might be better or worse depending what person you are. Some people can't play as much as back in 2005-2009 so for those people it might be better if character leveling is faster. If you do want to give yourself a challenge and a true 1:1 experience there is mentor mode which can be activated only at level 1 when you start which puts your exp to 1:1.
Doing endgame on Era has been really great. I'm in an endgame LS and i've done all the content that's available. Content i've done on Era: 
>Sky gods + Kirin
>All sea Jailers including Jailer of Love
>Omega/Ultima for Homam/Nashira
>Dynamis Lord
>Dyn-tav farming
>ZNM including Pandemonium Warden,
>All wyrms Jormugand Tiamat
>Zandworm/Dark Ixion
>All three HNM Kings; Fafhogg, Aspid, Behe
Pretty good community overall. There's several endgame LSes to choose from. I believe theres 5-6 endgame LSes on Era.
Era seems to have more players then Kupo atm making it easier to find people for exp. I'd say Era is better for endgame, maybe Kupo is better if you care about the leveling experience only. Nation missions, CoP and Zm would be the same.


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